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MIPER Careers


MIPER graduates are well-rounded professionals

MIPER graduates present employers with an exceptional opportunity to hire professionals who deeply understand international and global contexts. Our graduates are equipped with analytical decision-making skills that provide an understanding of the interaction between governments and their economies, especially in terms of its effect on natural resources development, government behavior, corporate policy, and country political risks.

MIPER graduates uniquely offer employers:

  • Familiarity with methods of risk analysis and mitigation in national and international settings
  • Knowledge of security-related issues
  • Knowledge of broad geopolitical issues;
  • Ability to operate effectively in multi-cultural and international environments
  • Problem solving and skills
  • Understanding of natural resources in political, economic, and social contexts
  • Knowledge of issues related to corporate governance and corporate social responsibility
  • Analytic skills to assess and propose solutions to complex problems in the global political economy

Careers, Positions, and Internships Held by Current and Former MIPER Students:

Katherine Robert (Graduated Spring 2016)

She is pursuing a Ph.D. and is an adjunct instructor for the Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences department. 

Rose Fierman

She is a Workforce Planning Analyst for Newmont Mining Corporation.

Savannah Fitzwater (Graduated Spring 2015):

She is a general engineer at the National Nuclear Security Administration.

Taylor Lane (Graduated Fall 2015): 

She is an Investment Banking Analyst for the Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Bank in Houston, Texas.

Samual Trippe (Graduated Spring 2016):

He is a National Nuclear Security Administration Graduate Fellow in the Office of Management and Budget at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Celine Grass (Graduated Fall 2014):

She is a Corporate Responsibility Partitioner for Kinross Gold Mining in Toronto starting in Spring 2015

Luis Camacho-Beas (Graduated Spring 2014):

He has a position as Senior Researcher in the Asia Pacific Energy Research Center (APERC) in Tokyo.

Luis and Samual Trippe enjoying Korean food in Tokyo.

Margaret Albert (Graduated Spring 2013): 

Budget analyst at the Office of State Planning and Budgeting.

Joseph Carr (Graduated Spring 2013):

Associate at J. William Artist & Associates working in government relations. 

Felicia Lambe (Graduated Spring 2013): 

Research Attorney at Hawaii Legislature.

Cameron Nazminia (Graduated Spring 2013):

 Policy advisor to Governor Matt Mead.

Abraham Tidwell (Graduated Spring 2013):

Ph.D. Student at Arizona State University

Nathan Reich (Graduated Fall 2012):

Oil and Gas Analyst at Global Data in NYC

MIPER graduates are also working for:

  • American Chamber of Commerce, Indonesia
  • Black and Veatch
  • CDM
  • Cemex
  • China’s petroleum industry
  • Compassion by the Book
  • Dot Hill Systems
  • Electricity Utility Consultants, Inc. (EUCI)
  • ExxonMobil
  • Gold Fields Exploration
  • International Peril Mitigation Services
  • Korea Mine Reclamation Corporation, South Korea
  • Level 3 Communications, Inc.
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Marston/Golder Mining Consultants
  • Ramsay International & Behre Dolbear Environmental Services
  • RMB Resources
  • Sanjel USA, Inc.
  • SGI
  • Shell International Exploration & Production
  • The United States Army
  • VEI Global Business Development
  • Wm T Welch Company
  • Wood McKenzie
  • MIPER graduates have also gone on to Ph.D. programs in China and the U.S.

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